Downtown Snowflake Pageant

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November 19, 2016

Majestic Theatre
45 E. Second Street
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601


  1. Children must be no younger than three (3) years of age and no older than twelve (12) by November 19, 2016. Children will be grouped into age categories during the contest.
    Little Mr./Miss Snowflake 3-4 years old
    Mr./Miss Snowflake 5-6 years old

    Prince/Princess Snowflake 7-9 years old
    King/Queen Snowflake 10-12 years old

  2. Deadline for application and entry fee is November 11, 2016. There will be no exceptions.
  3. Please send application and your $15.00 entry fee to:
    Downtown Associates
    Snowflake Pageant
    45 E. Main Street
    Chillicothe, OH 45601
    Application submission must be postmarked no later than November 11, 2016. Please make Checks / Money Orders payable to: Downtown Associates, Inc.
  4. Three judges will be chosen by the contest coordinator(s). All decisions by the judges and contest coordinator(s) are final.
  5. The choice of attire is up to each parent or guardian. Attire need not to be extremely formal. Judging will be based on fit of clothing.
  6. Children must arrive ready at the Majestic Theatre no later than 10:30am on the day of the contest.
  7. King & Queen Snowflake and Prince & Princess Snowflake will need to be present for events/festivities. Times and locations will be disclosed following the pageant.

During the interview process participants will be asked:

Little Mr. / Miss Snowflake (ages 3 – 4): “What toy would you like for Christmas?”
Mister / Miss Snowflake (ages 5 – 6): “What was your favorite toy last Christmas?”
Prince / Princess Snowflake (ages 7 – 9): “What is your favorite Christmas movie?”
King / Queen Snowflake (ages 10 – 12): “What is your favorite family tradition for Christmas?”

Pageant Application (Printable Application)

Application Process is now CLOSED for the 2nd Annual Snowflake Pageant.
Downtown Associates
Snowflake Pageant
45 E. Main Street, Chillicothe, OH 45601

Online Application (Form Below)

Application Process is now CLOSED for the 2nd Annual Snowflake Pageant.

2016 Snowflake Pageant Royalty

King Snowflake: Dreyden Lytle
1st Attendant: Maverick Saxon

Queen Snowflake: Hanna Uhrig
1st Attendant: Mandi Bolles
2nd Attendant: Kyrstan Dehoyos

Prince Snowflake: Jude Vineyard
1st Attendant: Cailen Johnson
2nd Attendant: Corbin Smith

Princess Snowflake: Brooklyn Crane
1st Attendant: Sydney Bush
2nd Attendant: Madison Elkins

Mister Snowflake: Andrew Dilley
1st Attendant: Kade Owen

Miss Snowflake: Chenede Cardwell
1st Attendant: Ava McAbee
2nd Attendant: Kali Ward

Little Mister Snowflake: Isaac Little
1st Attendant: Bryce Owen

Little Miss Snowflake: Anaya Tedesco
1st Attendant: Rhys Gumm
2nd Attendant: Josie Oliver


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